Klu Open Dagen 2010





xv102 4707 05-5145 LX-N90456

On Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of June Gilze-Rijen hosted the annual Klu Open Dagen. The last few years it has become a tradition for the Klu (Royal Netherlands Air Force) to organise a spottersday prior to the Open Days to give spotters and journalists a chance to photograph the different contenders during their arrival. This proved to be an excellent opportunity for me to take pics without other people getting in the way. With excellent weatherconditions and three generations on the premises (my father and my son Niek where also present) nothing could get wrong.

The first few aircraft that showed up where some transporters. Amongst them a Polish Casa C.295M and the "newest" Dutch Hercules (serialed G-988). After that there was a pause for almost half an hour. During G-988that pause our "heroes" from the 103 ISTAR based at 't Harde. flying with the RQ11 Raven UAV showed their skills.

After that demo the first fighters showed up in the form off a couple off Belgian F16's, a Luftwaffe Tornado, 2 Danish F16's, and off course some Dutch Falcons. In the meanwhile some displays where practised. Ali Öztürk in his Super Purple Violet showed his excellent skills and was for me together with the C17 Display the highlight of the flying displays. Other displays included the Belgian F16 display, Spanish EF18 Hornet, Danish F16, Czech Gripen, Dutch F16 flown by Captain Tobias "Hitec" Schutte and the Patrouille de France with their Alpha Jets.

In between the displays several other aircraft landed to be put on the static-display like a Polish SU-22UM-3K Fitter and a Polish Mig-29UB Fulcrum. Actually the Fitter was a well-known aircraft for me as the same aircraft was present at Geilenkirchen Open House in 2007.

Other interesting participants where two Slovak L39 Albatrosses, a lone VC10 (probably the last time a VC10 participated in a Klu open house), 2 Norwegian F16's and two Hungarian JAS39 Gripens.

C.15-50 Off course due to the fact that Gilze-Rijen is a chopperbased airfield many choppers showed up. Amongst them where a French Puma and Gazelle, Chech Hinds, German Bo105's and Danish Fennecs. But the two highlights where the Finish NH90 (first-timer) and a Austrian Blackhawk (also a first-timer).

The next day me and my son went back to Gilze-Rijen for the actual open house. The weather was dramatically changed. And not for the good ! A 7/8 degreace drop in tempature and even some raindrops. Good thing we photographed most off the aircraft the day before. Now the Turkish Stars with their NF5's were present together with the Red Arrows flying their Hawks. A Spanish chopper displayteam called La Patrulla Aspa flying the EC120B Kolibri was also in the flying-programme and made a magnificient show with their agile little choppers.

This day I could concentrate on the aircraft that were missed by me the day before. Although the weather wasn't that great I even made some decent shots. So I didn't regret the second trip to Gilze-Rijen.

Next year's edition of the Klu Open Dagen will take place at Leeuwarden on the 16th of 17th of September 2011.

See ya next year !


Patrouille de France E-194 28 40 1701 ZA589 3W-17 J-015

508 05-5145 Red Arrows Patrulla Aspa