On sundayevening we arrived in El Centro. But before checking in a Motel we first took a look at the airbase to see if any aircraft where present. We saw plenty of Hornets standing under their revetments and a dozen Goshawks on the Flightlines. This meant that they where planning to fly the next day ! We drove back to downtown El Centro for a bite. We took our chances at a local Chinese Restaurant (with Mexican waiters). What a f*cking disgrace Gordon Ramsey would say. A wise lesson for others who plan to travel to El Centro: don't eat at the China Palace Steak House ! The next morning being a monday (off course, duhh!) we fist scored some serious coffee and donuts at the local Subway. After that we drove to NAF El Centro where we parcked our car in the corner of W.Alten Road and the airbase. Allready some Goshawks where in the patern. And it was just eight o'clock ! This spot is awesome. You can photograph the planes whilst landing and taxiing. The first aircraft that rolled out after the Goshawks landed where a bunch of F/A-18 Hornets belonging to VFA-106 'Gladiators'. This squadron is the Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) for the east-coast squadrons and is stationed at NAS Oceana (VA). They fly all variants of the Hornet in the fleet accept the Growler. We saw F/A-18B,C,D,E and F-models ! Also some Hornets from VFA-122 'Flying Eagles' flew. The 'Flying Eagles' has the FRS task for the west-coast and is stationed at NAS Lemoore (CA).Off course we encountered some problems with the base-security but we stayed low profile (NOT !). The Golden Eagles went also airborne with a bunch of their aircraft and by 11.00 a.m. we counted for 40 aircraft including 6 Blue Angels. The Blue Angels have El Centro as their winterquaters for training the upcoming season.

We thought this would be the best time to leave this great little airfield for Yuma M.C.A.S. So by 12.00 a.m. we where at Yuma. They flew from the 03-side. This is the Mexican side and not good for photographing. We parked our car by the landing lights and could not photograph any based aircraft accept for some Arizona A.N.G. F-16's which where on deployment from their homebase Tucson. After a while we thought it would be better to drive to the other side (the Fairway side). We noticed some T-45's parked at the civilian side of the airbase. We asked the receptionists from 'Million Air' if we could enter the platforms. No problem was the answer and we drove with our new friend Cody to the Goshwaks. The pilots where allready strapping and greeted us. Now this was a treat ! Absolutely brilliant. Our thanks go out to Cody and the people of Million Air. After this great intermezzo we drove to the Fairgrounds. But this also sucked for photographing as the planes are to high after take off. So went to the middle of the left runway to catch some VMFT-401 'Snipers' F-5's. This actually worked and we got to photograph 4 Tigers. But besides the great visit at Million Air Yuma was a big disappointment. At 15.00 hrs we called it a day at Yuma and got in the car for a long drive to Tucson, our next destination.