38+60 On Friday the 9th of April me and my mate Rob decided to visit Wittmund for some good old Kerosinesniffing. Based here is Jagdgeschwader 71 "Richthofen" flying the old Warhorse: the F4F Phantom II. Besides the F4 Wittmund is also homebase for the A4N Skyhawks of BAE Systems. They fly a total of six Scooters. Five of them are former Israeli's while one is an ex US Navy. We departed around 07.00 hrs from Twente to arrive at Wittmund around 09.00 hrs. The Phantoms where flying pretty good this day. Furthermore there were 2 Turkish Transalls (69-032 and 69-033 which is former Luftwaffe 50+25) because the day before 5 Turkish F16's landed at Wittmund to participate in the NATO-excercise Brilliant Ardent. Also 4 French Mirage 2000N's where present for the excercise but they where parked on the westside of the airbase. The wind was coming from the west so they flew runway 26 the whole day. Conditions for photographing and spotting at this side is awesome. Standing on a hill you can overlook the entire airbase and photograph the aircraft at take off, landing and even taxiing. Also two Scooters went airborne (N431FS and N434FS) and a Tornado from Norvenich showed by. But highlight(s) of the day where unmistakenly three (!!) Super Lynx's from Nordholz which all took the runway. Excellent ! Two of them where completely new for me. Normally choppers tend to cross the field at high altitude. 38+70

Around 14.00 hrs all flying activity had ended and we decided to go home. In all it turned out to be a good day. Too bad the Turks and the French stayed on the ground but hé we came for the Spooks and there where still plenty from those around.

On Tuesday the 27th of July I went back to Wittmund again. This time with my other mate Raymond who also was having a little vacation. The days for the Phantom are numbered so I try to visit Wittmund as often as I can. Hopefully Wittmund will stay open in the near future and thus JG 71 converting to the Eurofighter. The German Ministry of Defence is considering closure of several airbases and Wittmund is on top of that list. So it is likely that in two or three years all flying activities at Wittmund will cease. The horror !! Anyway we are once back again at Wittmund and it turned out to be a good day again.

Like in April the runway which was used was runway 26. So again great photographing conditions while standing on the much mentioned and worldfamous hill. And again the Spooks flew good and often and this time there were even three (!!) Skyhawks which went airborne. And again Transalls where on the menu except this time they where regular German ones (51+07, 50+62 and 51+00). They where here because of the build-up for the detachment at Deci. Also a Tornado showed up again. This time from Büchel. At around 14.30 hrs all flying activities where ceased and we decided to take a look at nearby Jever. After photographing the local Gateguard, this is F104F 29+09, we looked for the dumped F4's. We found two of them: F4E 75-0628 and F4F 37+33. These two marked the end of this day and we returned back home..

37+92 Smoeky 44+79 38+10

38+58 51+07 29+09 N262WL

in the break 83+10 38+73 38+01