This year's edition of Frisian Flag took place from April 15th till April 26th and of course 323 Tactical Training Evaluation and Standardization (TACTES) Squadron played host. Also non-NATO members can join the exercise like PFP (Partnership for Peace) members. This year's PFP-member was as it was last year the Swedish Air Force with no less than 8 JAS-39 Gripens. The 2013-edition saw no participation of the Norwegian and U.S. Air Forces. Like last year German Eurofighters belonging to JaboG 31 based at Norvenich and Polish F16's where on the scene. The Polish F16's belonged to 31.BLT normally based at Poznan. The most interesting aircraft however where the French Mirage 2000's from Orange and especially four Mirage F1CR from Mont-de-Marsan. This was probably the last time these birds flew in Dutch airspace. And like always the Belgian's were competing with their F-16's. Frisian Flag is an exercise which emphasises large scale COMAO packages. Therefore the briefings last a long time and pilots normally fly one mission a day.

During Frisian Flag two packages were flown a day. All scenarios are flown like air-to-air combat, Close Air Support and Air Interdiction. Missions were flown in Dutch, German and Danish airspaces. Along the coast some German Surface-to-Air systems were installed. Forward Air Controlling was done by the Dutch Army. Electronic Warfare was conducted by Skyline Aviation in the first week and a sole Norwegian DA-20 belonging to Skv717 in the second week. The slow mover was a Dutch Hercules (G-988). This is a Link-16 aircraft. And last but not least some tankers were also involved like a Dutch KDC-10, German Airbus A310-MRTT and a USAFE KC-135.

The four of us (i.e. me, my father, Rob and Raymond) picked monday the 22nd of April to visit Leeuwarden. The wind was coming from the west so the 'Jelsum' side of the runway was in use. The weather was just fine with sun most of the time. We managed to photograph most of the aircraft participating. The only downside about 'Jelsum' is the fact that you can only photograph the planes while they are landing unless you bring 4 stepladders which wasn't an option. Anyway, we made some nice pics and that was the most important that day. Looking forward for the 2014-edition.