From the 31st of March until April the 11th 2014 the annual international exercise Frisian Flag was held at Leeuwarden Air Base. This edition was to be the last time Frisian Flag was hosted by 323 'Tactess' Squadron as 323 will move to the United States converting to the F-35A Lightning II. Next year 322 Squadron will host the exercise.

When weather conditions are good enough two missions a day are scheduled. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Nine flying days were scheduled. This Frisian Flag brought nearly 60 fighters from nine countries to Leeuwarden. They train Composite Air Operations (CAO) and Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM). Like all Frisian Flag exercises flying was conducted over the northern parts of Holland and Germany and over the North Sea in the TRA's.

As mentioned nine countries took part in Frisian Flag flying five different types of aircraft. The Germans had the largest detachment with no less then ten Eurofighters withdrawn from the TLG-31 (formely known as JBG-31) and TLG-74 (two Eufi's) inventory. Almost 150 people from Nörvenich, Neuburg and staff from Köln-Bonn. First time contenders were the Danes with their F-16AM's from Skrydstrup. They came with three Fighting Falcons. Another F-16 user which competed were the Portugese with five of their F-16AM's belonging to Esq201 stationed at Monte Real. The Norwegian Air Force was off course participating with their F-16AM's as usual. This time eight examples of them were flying their missions from the Leeuwarden concrete. The Finns are also regulars with their Hornets. This year was no exception and 5 F-18C's belonging to HävLLv 31 normally based at Rissala in the middle of Finland were at the scene. For the first time the Spanish Air Force deployed their Eurofighters abroad. They brought no less then six of them to Leeuwarden. Normally they are statoned at Sevilla-Moron. And last but not least are our southern neighbours from Belgian with five F-16AM's.

External assests this time were a French E-3F operating out of Avord and a German A-310-304MRTT, Italian KC-767 and Dutch KDC-10 operating out of Eindhoven. I took the opportunity to go twice to Leeuwarden in the first week of the exercise as the weather forecast for the second week was bad. It turned out to be bad also in the first week ! But nevertheless I mentioned to photograph almost every aircraft participating.

Looking forward to the 2015 edition.