Our last full day in Japan we planned to return to Hyakuri. After a big cup of coffee we started our car at around 06.30 a.m. Off course we bought our breakfast/lunch in a local supermarket in Narita. After an one-and-a-half hour drive we stood face to face with the (crash)gate of the famous farmer who ownes some ground on the premises of the airbase situated on the eastside of the airbase ! The only problem was that in order to get on that piece of land we had to phone with the farmer. And our Japanese is to say at the least a bit rusty. After ten minutes of discussing what to do a Japanese spotter in a car arrived. We where saved !! With hands and feet I made clear to him that he had to phone the farmer for us also. He understood the message and about five minutes later the farmer's wife arrived. After paying the old lady an admission of 2.000 Yen per person and 500,00 Yen for the car we entered the holy land. We parked our car and walked the last few metres to a piece of wood with 2 platforms and even some toilets (which came in handy for Raymond, haha). We positioned ourselves on one of the platforms which was situated just 25 metres in front off the eastern taxitrack which only the military use (Hyakuri also is a modest civil airport which is called Ibaraki Airport) and had a clear view onto the platforms. It was about 4 metres high so we had an excellent angle for photographing the planes.

Our first aircraft was a visiting T-4 from Hamamatsu (96-5781). The plane rolled out and perfectly passed in front of us on the taxitrack. Again the weather was excellent in terms of sunshine. The only thing is that 4 metres above the ground with a strong wind it was freezing cold. But who cares when you're on Hyakuri on one of the platforms with the sun shining all day ! In Japan it is common to tow all the aircraft which will be flying that day on to the platforms. We where in luck cause there where plenty of aircraft allready on the platforms of the three squadrons stationed at Hyakuri. First 302 Hikotai flying the F-4EJ Kai came in to action. A 4-ship with a T-4 was lining up at the last chance. With every wave one or two T-4's acompany the fighters with their mission. After a few minutes they blasted in to the remarkable blue skies over the Ibaraki Prefecture which provided some great pics. More Phantoms showed up (we scored 10 Phantoms and two T-4's) and after a short break 305 Hikotai flying the F-15J Eagle came alive. They also showed us how it's done. In all 10 Eagles and two T-4's of '305' flew that day. After a while there was some action noted on the flightlines of 501 Hikotai. At last, they saved the best for last Woodpeckers rule !! We scored six of them together with one T-4. They fly with two variants of the Phantom in the reccerole: the original reccebird RF-4E Kai and some RF-4EJ Kai which have no cameranose but reccepods underneath their belly.

After every mission the planes would taxi back to their squadron right in front of us. With the sun in our backs needless to say that this was just excellent for taking pics. We also where treated with a visit from the local security. One of the officers came to the fence and asked us for our ID. We handed over our passports and he took pictures of them ! But not only that he wanted to photograph us too ! OK, no problem. We posed like topmodels so I think the pics had to be awesome ! The security had allready noted us because they had a camera stuck on pole which was constantely looking at us. Every step we made they followed us which lead sometimes to funny situations on occasions we had to split up !! At the end of the morning we had a little chat with our Japanese friend who stood on the other platform. We showed him copies of Scramble and Panoravia-magazines which he really appreciated. Those Japanese know Scramble but never heard of Panoravia. How is that possible ? The sun had moved from our left-hand side to our front so it was time to move to the other side of the base. Together with our Japanese friend we drove off to the other side which is a 5-minute drive.

There where more spotters on the westside. We situated ourselves on exactly the same spot as day 1 (monday). The background where the flightlines, hangars and the tower. Flying activities continued in the afternoon with all three squadrons flying. There where also some more visitors like a YS-11 from Iruma (12-1162, which we already photographed the day before at Iruma). This YS-11 was intercepted by two F-4EJ's (47-8330 and 97-8425) and was forced by the Phantoms to land at Hyakuri. Off course this was all simulated. Also a C-1 from Iruma was involved and landed also (88-1028, also photographed by us the day before at Iruma). And to make the Iruma-invasion complete an Iruma T-4 landed (06-5644, new one !). In between sorties UH-60J 28-4555 and U-125 92-3012 flew some missions and we photographed Bell-206 JA6144 from the Ibaraki Prefectural Police. In all we had a grand total of 14 F-4EJ's 13 F-15J's, 6 RF-4E(J)'s, 5 T-4's, 1 UH-60J, 1 U-125 and 4 visitors. A perfect last day in Japan.

At about 16.30 hrs. we returned to Narita Airport to return our rentalcar at Europcar. We had driven over 750 kilometres which is pretty much considering the crowded traffic in and around the Tokyo/Yokohama area. We payed a total off 18.000 Yen on road taxes. We got back to our hotel by airport shuttlebus and went for the last time to the "bakplaat" where we off course ordered Gyoza with beers. The next morning the crew of KL864 gathered together in the lobby of the Hotel and departed to Narita Airport by the Hotel's Airport shuttlebus. At the airport the KLM-crew had a nice surprise for our captain Ruben. It was his last time in Tokyo so he got some flowers and presents and I made some photo's of the entire crew. We passed customs and went onboard Boeing 747-400 PH-BFO "City of Orlando". This time Raymond flew the plane and we took off at 13.15 hrs. local. On this flight I had the opportunity to take a seat in the cockpit during take off and landing. Raymond landed the big plane at the Aalsmeerderbaan very smoothly and thus ending a magnificient trip to a very nice country.

I like to thank the entire KLM-crew and of course especially Raymond for a great trip.

Sayonara !!