After a three year planning the large scale NATO Exercise 'Jawtex 2014' saw it's first operations on Monday May 12th 2014 conducted. This exercise involved 4,500 enlisted personnel from 11 countries operating mainly from Schleswig-Jagel but also from Wittmund, Hohn, Laage, Holzdorf and Fassberg. Jawtex (Joint Air Warfare Tactical Exercise) is set up to train on all aspects of joint operations as well as training coordination of air together with army and navy assets and units. Flying was conducted mainly over the northern parts of Germany.

At Schleswig were the most fighters stationed like Italian Tornadoes, Hungarian Gripens, Greek F-16's, Slovenian PC-9's, Finnish F-18's, Italian AMX's, Dutch F-16's and German Tornadoes. Also participating were Turkish F-16's belonging to 141/142 Filo stationed at Ankara/Akinci. They were operating out of Wittmund. These Block 50+ Falcons are almost factory fresh as they were delivered between May 2011 and December 2012. Thirty of them were ordered by the Turkish Air Force and they were build (assembled) by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) just down the road in Ankara. These Vipers are equipped with latest avionic weapons and electronic systems and are suited for all-weather day- and night operations. They have also a longer range with the help of their conformal fuel tanks. In my opinion the best looking Vipers out there.

We (that is yours truly, his dad and Raymond) had planned to go to Wittmund on Thursday May the 15th. The weather was reasonably good with spells of sunshine but cold. The flying was pretty good with ten Eurofighters flying (belonging to TLG-31 as well as TLG-31 'R') and all five Turkish F-16's getting airborne (!!). Also three A-4N Skyhawks belonging to Wittmund based Flight Systems took to the air. With some choppers overflying the field (like German Lynx 83+10) and a Tornado towed into a hangar (46+40) one could call this a very succesful day.