The last three days of our stay we wanted to see some real active stuff after the museums and AMARC because nothing beats kerosine sniffing, right ? The wednesday we planned for Tucson an Davis Monthan. The two airbases are really close to each other, about 7 miles. So the morning was spent at Tucson. Stationed here is the 162nd FW flying with a mix of F-16C/D's and F-16CG/F-16DG's. Also the Dutch Air Force trains it's pilots at Tucson flying with the 148th FW. The aiframes of the 162nd are in fact the oldest F-16's currently active in the U.S. Air Force (F.Y. 83' and 84' !). The flying was pretty good this morning and we managed to score seventeen F-16's from 08.30 till around 11.30 hr a.m.. Not bad. Try that back in Holland these days ! We took our pics on a spot close to the Base Fire Department. We managed to balance with the three of us on a sort of stone pillar where a lamppost was attached to. That way we managed to take some very nice pics on the the taxitrack.

As said already we left Tucson for Davis Monthan at 11.30 hrs. It is just a 15 minutes-drive. We positioned ourselves on Spot 2 of the Scramble Airfiedl guide. That's the spot on East Technical Drive. It is not the best spot you could wish for but it is o.k. for landingshots when the planes are landing on runway 12. Yesterday (Tuesday) we stood at exactly the same spot. On that day we had 11 Warthogs in just one and half hour. This day we had 16 Warthogs and 5 visiting aircraft, including 2 Prowlers from VAQ-209 and 2 very nice Warthogs from Barksdale's 47th FS. This was scored from 11.45 till about 16.00 hrs. We decided to conclude the day with one more peak at the AMARC. After one last look we drove off to Phoenix. We arrived in Phoenix at eight in the evening and settled in the Marriot in Mesa. We scored a very nice meal at the local Applebee's with the few obligatory beers off course.

The next morning we drove off to Mesa Gateway Airport. We where welcomed by a very handsome Marines Herkybird on the flightline just waiting to be photographed. This USMC KC-130J had an all black tail with Skull & Bones painted on the nose. Also two preserved C-9C Nightingales where parked on the ramp. We drove around the airbase to see if we could photograph some more. And we did: a couple of ATSI Skyhawks, a preserved T2V and a T-38 mounted on a pole. After this brief intermezzo we hurried to get to the F-16 Capitol of the free world: Luke A.F.B. The flying here is bizar. This turned out to be a 'normal' flying-day according to some locals: 46 F-16's !! Too bad the 425th FS didn't flew at all. This is the Singapore squadron. At about half past four in the afternoon we drove off to Las Vegas. We had booked the Luxor !! This is a 5-hour drive through the mountains of Arizona through Flagstaff into Nevada. Incredible sceneries. The next morning we stood up at 07.00 hrs and bought some breakfast as we where heading for our final destination: Nellis A.F.B. Photographing conditions are pretty awful at Nellis and it was a Friday. So one can figure out that we wheren't planning for a long stay here. We had some more bad luck as some contractors where working on Runway 21 right. And the right side is the only good side for some photographing. So after only half a day we quit and got back to Sin City to taste the citylife. This concluded our stay in the U.S.

In all a great trip with not only good flying (except Nellis) but also some nice moments beside the spotting.

A big thank you goes to Raymond and Rob for a great trip !