After Yuma we went to Tucson to spent the night there. Our main objective of the trip was on the programme: AMARC at Davis Monthan ! It was the first time for Rob and Raymond. After a good night rest we went to the AMARC. We decided to take Kolb Road and Escalante Road in the morning because the sun would be in our backs so we wouldn't have no backlight. We parked our car near the gate of AMARC and first tried to ask for a basevisit at the gate. Off course the answer was no but the guy at the gate told us that it would be o.k. to photograph alongside the fence. At Kolb Road it's all Hercules as far as the eye can see. Among hundreds of American 130's (of all four branches) there where also some Norwegian ones. We walked around the corner to Escalante Road where some other types where parked. B-52's, O-2's, C-141's, a lot off KC-135's and P-3's. After taking hundreds of pictures we turned around to walk along the fence at Kolb Road again but this time towards Pima. We photographed F-15's, Sabreliners, Mohawks, CT-43's, HH-3's etc. On the other side of Kolb Road there where even more like F-16's, A-10's, more C-141's, Phantoms, Buckeyes, T-37's and T-38's. Also A-4's, S-3's, A-7's (Navy and USAF) and Hawkeyes. It is hard to imagine all those planes parked together when you never been there. It's unbelievable. At the time of our visit there where close to 4,000 planes stored. Check out the complete AMARC inventory list just above (dated 15 december 2011).

Why is this report published on the Basevisit section you say ? Well after we photographed the ones that could be photographed we drove to the Pima Air & Space Museum (also soon to be published in the Basevisit section !!) and bought some tickets for the bustour to AMARC. There are two bustours a day and we booked the second one. The bus drove off at 14.00 hrs. to the AMARC. After 3 minutes (!!) we passed the gate of Davis Monthan A.F.B. and drove towards Celebrity Row. The bus stopped at every aircraft put on display at the row and the female guide told all the stories behind the planes. After Celebrity Row the busdriver drove a little bit faster and we drove over the bridge of Kolb Road to the other side of the enormous terrain. We also noted a lot of activity on the ramps. Technicians where busy on some QRF-4C's, A-10's and F-16's. After an hour the bustour was over and we where about 2,000 pictures richer. This Bustour is a must but you can also rent a plane and try to overfly AMARC. We didn't have the time for that as we planned the next day for Tucson I.A.P. and Davis Monthan A.F.B. In fact right after the bustour we headed for Davis Monthan A.F.B. for some last Warthog action of the day. We scored 11 A-10's in the last hour of light. This and the next day at Tucson and Davis soon to be published in the 'At the Fence' section !!