Get your ass out of bed, he said: I'll explain it on the way. But we did nothing, absolutely nothing that day, and I say: What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A ? Is it a line from Bran van 3000's 'Drinking in L.A.' or just the morning after the 'Ponderosa' ? 05.00 a.m. awake the next morning and Chino and San Diego where on the programme. We arrived at about 08.00 hrs. at Chino. Two museums are located at Chino: Yanks Air Museum and Planes of Fame. They open at 10.00 hrs on Sunday. That meant 2 hours of waiting. So we first decided to have a breakfast at Floo's. Floo's is a great aviation-diner. The place is really packed with all kinds of aviationmemorabilia. Awesome ! But after a great breakfast we stood at 08.30 hrs. on the parkinglot again. What to do ? We decided to give ourselves a platformtour. We photographed four ex-Danish Air Force S-35XD Saab Drakens, two ex-French Air Force CM-170 Magisters, a PT-17 Stearman, a C-45H Expeditor, a C-131, a C-123K Provider and a HU-16B Albatross on the platform. Also some (ex)military aircraft where photographed on the compound of the Yanks Air Museum. Most noteworthy are the two F-105's, a F-104A, an A-7B and a F-9F Panther. After the platformtour we went back to the car for our trip to San Diego. We didn't wanted to wait untill the museums opened their doors as otherwise we would we be too late for the USS Midway and Miramar. So we arrived in the beginning of the afternoon at Miramar to visit to 'Flying Leatherneck Leatherneck Aviation Museum'. We where welcomed by a very friendly ex-Marine who used to be a crewchief on the CH-46. This museum is the only one in the world totally dedicated to preserve Marine Corps aircraft. There is a great indoor display of all kinds of Marine Corps aviation memorabilia and other artifacts. Outside there are 31 airframes put on display. Most noteworthy, at least in my opinion, are the RF-8G and F-8E Crusader, a ex-Iraqi Bell214 and RF-4B and F-4S Phantoms. In all a very nice museum and absolutely worth paying a visit when you are visiting San Diego.