On the thursday of our Texas trip we got the opportunity to get on base at Randolph AFB near San Antonio. This was made possible by Laurens who knows an IP (Instructor Pilot) by the callsign of 'Teflon'. He flies with the 435th 'Black Eagles'. Prior before the basevisit we photographed a bunch of T-6 Texans which are using the left runway if you are coming from the south (32L/14R). It was a kind of warming up before the basevisit. We made an appointment with Teflon to be at the maingate at around 14.00 hrs. After waiting for half an hour he arrived in his big Pick Up. Before joining the 435th David, as his real name is, flew A-10's from Spangdahlem, Osan and Davis Monthan. Now a full Major he flies Talons at his 'homebase Randolph', as he grew up in San Antonio. We brought some presents for him with us: a sixpack of Heineken and a KLM miniature house made of 'Delfts Blauw' (collectors item !!).

The first thing he did was asking us what our wishes were. 'Well, to photograph as many planes as possible'. First we made a stop at a kind of memorial parc were several different aircraft were preserved. All aircraft displayed had a connection with the past of Randolph AFB like a Texan 1 and a Trojan. They were in excellent condition. After that we drove to the control tower which handles trafic that are using the right runway. This runway is used by the Talons and Jayhawks. We got the chance to photograph a few Talons on the taxitrack. After that we drove to the squadron buildings of Teflon's unit, the 435th FTS. The 435th has a great history and is a highly decorated unit. It operated the Lockheed P-38 Lightning and North American P-51 Mustang during the Second World War and was stationed in England at Wattisham. In the fifties and sixties the unit was stationed at George AFB flying (Super) Sabres, Starfighters and Phantoms. It also flew combat missions in S.E. Asia. From 1977 onwards the 'Black Eagles' are a training unit and are now under control of the 12th FTW. The 12th consits furthermore of the 560th FTS flying also with Talons, the 99th FTS flying with T-1A Jayhawks and the 559th FTS flying with T-6A Texans.

Teflon took us to the ramp and gave us a tour. All Talons are using the sunsheds so photographing is hard. But fortunately quite a few T-38's flew that day. And we had great weather also. What more do you want ? After our visit to the Talonramp we drove to the other side of the base passing the famous 'Taj Mahal'. A very nice and impressive building. On the other side of the base the Texans are flying their circuits. We only stood there for a couple of minutes due to serious back light over there. At around four p.m. we had seen enough and Teflon drove us back to the maingate. We thanked him for a great basetour and drove off.

Many thanks to 'Teflon' and Laurens for making this basevisit possible !!