The annual Nato Tiger Meet (NTM) was to be held at Schleswig-Jagel this year. After two editions of Artic Tiger Meet at Orland in Norway this NTM was in a more reachable distance. As soon as I heard that Schleswig would be the host plans were made to attend the Tiger Meet. Also my father and Rob were planning to go. We decided to attend the spottersday on Monday the 23rd of June (there was also a spottersday on Thursday June 19th). To avoid traficjams at the Elbe-Tunnel we drove to our Hotel the Sunday before the event.

Our Hotel was situated in the town of Eckernförde. After a great dinner in downtown Eckernförde we got back to our Hotel to watch some World Championship Football. This combined with a great view and some Flensburger Pils made it a nice preparation for the next day. We stood up at seven and went straight to the breakfastroom. This was also a very pleasant meal ! We drove off at eight. We were expected to be at the gate at about half past eight. We parcked our car at 08.15 hrs. in a field between the landing lights. Almost 1,000 other spotters had the same idea as we had !

The first aircraft we saw was a Hungarian Antonov 26 and three Portugese F-16's which stayed the weekend over (They weren't participating in the Tiger Meet). The day started cloudy and cold but that would change in the course of the day. We were brought to the specially created photoarea by busses. We witnessed the take off of an Austrian Saab 105 which was due to go back to Austria. So we didn't see that aircraft coming back. After that all participating units flew their asses off. The host-unit, TLG-51, flew with six of their Tornadoes. The Dutch Air Force was present with five F-16's belonging to 313 Squadron (Volkel). The Belgians had sent five of their F-16's operating with the 31st Smaldeel (Kleine Brogel). Also the Polish Air Force sent some of their Falcons. Six to be exact. They were belonging to 6 ELT (Poznan). The Turcks were also present with some F-16's. Five of them which are operating with 192nd Filo (Balikesir). The Austrians brought four of their Saab 105's and the Swiss Air Force had sent five of their F/A-18 Hornets. The French Air Force, one of the founders of the Tiger Meet, were on the scene with two of their Tiger units: 11F with five Rafale M's and EC 05.330 with four Rafale B/C's and two Mirage 2000-5F's. Saab Gripens of the Czech Air Force (4 a/c from at Caslav) as well as the Hungarian Air Force (4 a/c from 59/1 MH at Kecskemet). The Germans had their own hometeam TLG-51 and off course TLG-74 stationed at Neuburg flying their Eurofighters. Six of them to be exact. Also some choppers were at the scene. They were two Czech Mi-24 Hinds and a Czech Mi-171 Hip. Furthermore two English Merlins and a German Tiger were also there.

In between the morning- and afternoonsorties people had the opportunity to buy something to eat or drink and buy memorabilia offered in stands by the different Tiger units. Because the Dutch national footballteam had to play against Chile for the World Championship we decided to go home at around one o'clock in the afternoon. We allready photographed most of the aircraft with the sun in our back anyway. In all we got pretty lucky with the weather and most aircraft taxiing in front of us so we could conclude that we had a terrefic day !

The 2015 edition of the Nato Tiger Meet will be held at Konya Air Base in Turkey next year.