Panoravia managed to arrange yet another basevisit at Wittmund this year. This was my first basevisit to Wittmund after the Phantom farewell in 2013. Together with my son Niek and some twenty other spotters we were welcomed by the base PRO at 07.30 hrs in the morning. The Luftwaffe had arranged a coach for us so we drove on base to the flightline of Discovery Air. Discovery is a new (Canadian) cooperation at Wittmund providing 'Red Air' adversary training and target towing. They signed a five-year contract with the Luftwaffe. Three of their A-4N Skyhawks were on the tarmac with one actually flying a mission.

After photographing those three we were allowed to photograph a fourth one in it's hangar. We weren't allowed to photograph the fifth one. At the time (early may '15) Discovery had five Skyhawks stationed at Wittmund. Nowadays they are operating a total of seven A-4's at Wittmund. The morningmission consisted of four Eurofighters. Although the weather wasn't that great we managed to take some very nice shots of those four Eufi's. After they were airborne we got back in the bus for a very short drive to the F-4F 37+01 'First in, last out' which is still in a hangar in the QRA-area. The Phantom was towed outside just for us and we took the opportunity to photograph this beauty.

After that we drove to the southside of the base to photograph the stored F-104G, CL13B Sabre and Spanish BF-109 lookalike HA.1112. We stayed in that area to await the arrival back of the four Eurofighters and the one Skyhawk. After a short while the Skyhawk came in close formation with two Eurofighters for a overshoot before they landed. After all five planes were back on deck the chauffeur drove his coach to the barracks in the town of Wittmund. There more preserved aircraft could be photographed (F-104G, F-4F and another CL13B). In the officersmess some Richthofen items could be bought. At around twelve in the afternoon our short but succesfull basevisit came to an end.

I like to thank Wittmund public relations and Panoravia for a great basevisit.