During August 1984 the place to be was Soesterberg Air Force Base (a.k.a. Camp New Amsterdam). Soesterberg always was a very pleasant airbase due to the fact that the photographing opportunities where to say at the least superb ! The taxiway was situated just in front of you, so taking pics on the taxiway with a 50mm lens was the rule. Stationed at Soesterberg was the American 32nd TFS flying the potent F15C Eagle. Also stationed at the time was Dutch 334 Squadron flying the F27M Troopship and 298 Squadron with the Alouette III. Soesterberg always has drown very nice visitors. Mostly USAF(E) but also other NATO-members frequently paid a visit. Combine that with the fact that during August the 32nd rotated with the French EC12 stationed at Cambrai flying with the Mirage F1C. Also a DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training) camp was established by the 527th TFTAS. Those boys flew F5E Tigers in the agressor-role. Normally the 527th was stationed at their homebase Alconbury but this time they flew out of Soesterberg. They practised together with the 32nd and with some Ramstein F4E's and Torrejon F16A's who where also temporarily stationed at Soesterberg. I stayed for three days at Soesterberg in which not only the above mentioned where present but also a couple of Hahn F16's (F16A's 80-0607/HR and 80-0560/HR both from 496TFS and both stored at the AMARC nowadays), a Dutch SP13A Atlantique (251/V, later to become French as '56') and his successor a P3C-II Orion (301/V, later to become German '60+01'), a German CH53G (85+06, still active today!) and Alouette II (75+32, now preserved as gateguard at Rheine-Bentlage), a French C160F (61-ZI/F91, still flying with the some code in 2010 !!), 2 Italian MB339A's (MM54503/51 which is preserved nowadays and MM54509/57 which is still operational) and 4 Dutch NF5's (K-4003, K-3019, K-3028 and K-4015). While we are at it the following was noted by me regarding the temporarily based aircraft: F5E's from 527TFTAS: 74-01545, 74-01547, 74-01553 and 74-01532, F16A's 612/613TFS: 83-0066/TJ and 82-0946/TJ, F4E's 512/526TFS: 68-0480/RS, 68-0393/RS, 68-0533/RS and 68-0529/RS and Mirage F1C's from EC2/12: 55/12-KH, 42/12-KI, 71/12-KJ and 248/12-YF (actually being a Mirage F1C-200 from EC1/12). Off course many locals where also noted with an average off 10 F15's and 6 F27's a day. In all very nice days at a very nice airbase.

55 68-0529 74-01532 79-0028

68-0480 82-0946 C-10 74-01545

79-0024 F-91 83-1066 68-0393